• Electromagnetism

    Posted by George in Physics on January 29, 2017 In second year you have four core modules: Condensed Matter; Electromagnetic Fields; Maths 2.1 and Maths 2.2 (however maths 2.2, is actually just a physics module). These are structured in a vary similar way to first year and are the modules that you will have exams […]

  • Hello Semester 2!

    Posted by Faheema in Sociology on January 30, 2017 There was once a time where I found an eight week term at school really long and tiring. But now having experienced an eleven week semester at university, the current nine week semester seems so short! (I sound crazy, I know) One thing about university is […]

  • Take a Break!

    Posted by Manal in Management on January 31, 2017 I met up with my friends from the foundation course after the longest time over the weekend. We had lunch, watched Sing in the cinema (a brilliantly crafted animated movie that is a must watch if you are an animation movie junkie like me!) and chatted for […]