• Reduction in duration: BSc Human Resource Management

    We are pleased to announce that the duration for BSc Human Resource Management at the University of Leicester has been reduced.
    Applicants will now have the opportunity to commence their studies at the second stage (HE Diploma) instead of needing to undertake the first level (HE Certificate).

    This means that students are able to obtain the full undergraduate degree in four years at a total cost of £9,000.

    The entry requirements remain the same; with successful applicants entering the Diploma level expected to provide evidence of some study post 16 (e.g. A-Levels or equivalent, or a professional qualification) and a minimum of three years’ work experience. The English language requirements also remain unchanged.

    Individuals with offers for the November intake will be contacted by the Hub by the end of this week to advise them of the change and presented with the opportunity to commence their studies at the Diploma stage.

    There will be no impact on students already on the course.


    Course Description

    The BSc Human Resource Management at the University of Leicester by distance learning combines all the benefits of a University of Leicester degree with the flexibility to suit the needs of working professionals. You have the option of applying for the Diploma or full BSc depending on the level of qualification you aim to achieve.

    The BSc qualification involves studying the Diploma and BSc over 40 months. The Diploma qualification involves studying for the Diploma over 19 months.

    The Diploma is studied over 6 modules. By the end of the Diploma, you will:

    • Be able to demonstrate how an understanding of the issues involved in HRM can assist the human resource manager in managing staff effectively.
    • Compare and contrast formal and informal learning and be able to discuss the merits of each.
    • Discuss how effective employee development can impact upon an organisation’s performance whilst assessing the theory and practice of management considering the importance of leadership and the HRM function.

    The BSc builds on the ideas encountered in the Diploma and encourages students to make links between theory and practice. Subjects covered include HRM, organisational behaviour and human resource development.

    Studying the BSc gives you the opportunity to not only build on the theories and topics covered within the Diploma, but also to focus in-depth on some of the key issues within human resource management today. By selecting which modules you wish to study, you can tailor the course to your interests and career objectives. By the end of the BSc, you will:

    • Understand the key principles of high-performance working and critically review the links between performance and HRM practices.
    • Evaluate the tensions between the interests of employers and employees in the management of performance.
    • Be able to identify recent trends and issues concerning flexible learning in the workplace.

    If you have any questions about this course, join us for a live online chat with academic tutors and admissions staff from the University of Leicester.

    You can also reach us via email info@idecghana.com or  visit our resource centre in Accra on the 7th floor of the Heritage Tower building, Ridge or call the lines 0244565928 / 0205601932 / 0556041379.