• Welcome to Trump Land

    Well, it seems that I was wrong in my excitement of last week, in regards to Trump’s potential failure as president. In the last week, he has trampled on the Rights of so many people and it doesn’t look like he is going to stop anytime soon.

    Almost every headline or Facebook post has been Trump-related and I understand why. Have a look at the ridiculous amount of damage he has done so far:

    First, he declared Jan 20, his inauguration date, the national day of patriotic devotion. Because according to him, electing him as president shows your patriotic devotion to America. Then his White House Spokesman lied in his first press briefing by saying Trump’s inauguration size was the biggest in history. Next came a Senior Trump Advisor who defended the White House Spokesman by saying that his claims were alternative ‘facts’. With the creation of alternative ‘facts’, this means that we live in an era of post-facts. Since facts mean nothing to the leader of the Free world, what will the world look like in 2020 when his term is over (hopefully he is not re-elected, but anything is possible)?

    Apart from Trump and his team’s invention of alternative ‘facts’, he has also signed some executive orders that delivered on his campaign promises. He signed an order stopping US-funded NGOs from offering abortive services abroad. He then permanently banned American women from using federal funds or private health insurance towards abortion services. This is ridiculous because private health insurance is not government money and therefore he should not be able to dictate what people pay for in their health insurance and what service they can get from it. He then ordered a total blackout of environmental agencies, because as we all know from alternative ‘facts’, global warming is a myth. He then suspended refugee intakes and went another step further by banning visas for citizens of Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Iran. I guess these countries no longer have oil for the US drain in the name of ‘democracy’.

    He also bypassed a lot of laws this week, first he appointed his son-in-law Gary Kushner as senior White House advisor. His office then confirmed that he will never release any of his tax records. And furthermore, he allowed his business to take money from foreign governments, which has led to a new lawsuit against him as he has broken the constitution.

    However, his claims of voter fraud are in fact true, as there were numerous people on Trump’s team who were registered to vote in two different states. These include his White House Spokesman, His son-in-law, his daughter Tiffany, his White House Strategist and even his Treasury Secretary. Although he claims that are ‘millions’ involved in voter fraud, which seems to be another alternative ‘fact’, he is right to suspect that there is voter fraud as his own team is the one committing the fraud.

    And let’s not forget the wall. He signed an order to start building a $20 billion wall on the Mexican border, which Mexico refuses to pay for. He then added a 20% tax on Mexican goods to make up for the cost of the wall. And in addition, he will be publishing a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants to justify his reasons for banning them.

    I feel like I haven’t had enough time to be outraged by any of his policies and actions because as soon as I get angry, he does something even worse and I’m so exhausted from trying to keep up. I don’t think I or the world, can deal with 4 more years of this. If he did all this in week one, what is the world going to look like by week 208?

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