• Master and Remainder (Part 2)

    And we’re back! It’s been a while since my last post but it’s a new year, so it’s a new chance for me to promise a lot and deliver a little.


    So after part 1, I was bunkered down in the library. I have occasionally managed to surface, where I’ve realised the challenges a Master’s project can present:


    1) Independent Research


    It was all so easy having a timetable of lectures and seminars…I could just turn up, make some notes and be on my way. Now, I’m essentially my own lecturer! Don’t worry, I’ve not gone power mad or anything (there was a whole failed coup of the Maths department) but I am responsible for my own learning and understanding now…like a real adult!


    So far I’ve learnt to gather as many sources of material as you can, whether that be an article, a review or even a textbook, and really get to grips with the context of your project.


    2) Scheduling


    Again, you need to have weekly sessions where you look to focus solely on your project, espcially during exam time. If you can get this organised at the beginning, it saves you scrambling for some free time later as the deadline looms.


    3) Supervisors


    You need to have a good relationship with your supervisor. Fact. They will know more about your project and it’s issues than you do, so make a weekly appointment to visit them to talk about any problems you might have, and maybe you can even complain about how hard and time consuming your topic is (if they’re nice enough).


    So, after my exams, I’m coming up to my first deadline for my report and presentation in a few weeks. I’ll update you in the next part about how I survived them.


    If anyone has any tips or advice, please comment down below!

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