• I am back (literally)

    In 2016 there have been just five blog entries from me. I was on the verge of quitting, but eventually I pulled through. Now I am back in Leicester for a very intense writing session.

    Most of the credit must go to my supervising professor, who tried to quell my fears, and was always there for me. Just before Christmas I started writing again. Then family issues intervened and had to stop. Luckily back in September I made a farsighted decision to come to Leicester in January, 2017. Initially the reason was to be in close proximity to the Library. However this setup also allows me to focus on writing. I will try to use these two weeks to make good progress and keep the momentum going when I am back in Hungary.

    Part of the reason I did not quit that I still want to pursue my initial dream – the reason I started the whole project. To that end I will work part-time in the archives of the Hungarian Museum of Transport beginning in March. By the time I finish my PhD thesis, I hope to have some credentials as a museum professional :)!

    I also wanted to write about my field trips. Field trips are great – the best part of my PhD 🙂 I had the chance to visit great museums all over Germany, spend a lot of time in libraries and archives. This is where I flourish: looking at old photos, browsing through boxes and boxes of documents. It is highly enjoyable and it makes writing certain parts of the thesis fairly easy. It also enabled me to meet great people, see a career choice which is very desirable. It reinvigorated me and helped me to get back on my feet and write again.

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