• How to save money as a student!

    First off, I hope exams went swimmingly for all that took them. The geology department here at Leicester had a two week exam spell where all 1-3rd year students took them. Least to say over that time it was rather… tense. However, our ‘SB room’ (common room) has still got the brown paper up to cover displays, where everyone here can write and draw what they would like to see on display in the Geology department and around the SB room.


    A quick update on the Holloway Bursary fund project being undertaken, we have secured our first school to visit in February! Yay! We plan on taking in lots of rocks to excite the children. The classes we are taking will be years 5 and 3, and we are very much looking forward to it! Geology rocks!


    Okay so, in this blog I thought I’d tell you some of my ways to save money. The pain of being a poor student is real! Also, you know that you are real student when your heart rate increases when you here the word… “FREEBIE”.

    Okay here goes:
    1. Get UniDays app. They do discounts all over the place and do exactly the same job as an NUS card, only this time – it’s free! Use discount cards and loyalty cards whenever and wherever possible. Also it’s not cheeky to ask if they do student discounts!


    2. If you pay extra for house bills and electricity, charge your phone and laptop in uni. Every little helps!


    3. Buying something for over £5? Google the item or shop and type “discount” or “voucher” – www.vouchercodes.co.uk is my go to site!


    4. Going out to eat for a social? Get a BOGOF deal online and print it out. Share with a friend and you pay half the price, everyones a winner!


    5. Help out on UCAS days, free lunch!


    6. Go to the student shopping nights, fairs and markets in town – they are often much cheaper than main stream supermarkets or high street shops!


    7. Use fresh food and cook! Don’t buy ready meals!


    8. Buy things in bulk! £5 might sound a lot of for shampoo but its better buying a big bottle of Tresemme for that money than a little bottle of Aussie!


    9. Look out for 3rd/4th years selling their old text books. Sometimes (more often then not) text books are sooooo expensive. Often, they sell them off for £5/£10.


    10. My favourite website for getting tickets to shows on tv here! Free tickets may I add!



    That’s all folks, have nice week 🙂

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