• Finally free…. (until summer)

    They’re done, thank the lord. Finally finished my 4 exams which is a huge relief, as I spent so much time in the library people probably thought I lived there (which is slightly depressing).

    But now they’re done I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Last year as soon as I finished my exams I headed to work- so this year I didn’t really know what to do with all this time. I’m not normally the lazing about kind of person- but I soon picked up the habits of my housemates!

    I have started watching Sherlock, and eaten far to many takeaways, which has been so good but not great for my figure (whoops). I haven’t been to the gym once as I have just convinced myself I need to ‘recover’ although to be honest, I could have definitely gone. Instead I’ve just been partying and lazing about all day, which has been great but weird as I kept waking up at 1pm, so half of the day is already gone…

    Now I have to face the fact that I have to go back to lectures (boo) which means lots more 9am starts! (perks of being a Chemistry student). I should probably start getting back into some sort of routine so I don’t fall asleep… But let’s face it, come 3am I will probably be doing a buzzfeed quiz to determine which character I am from a Tv show I don’t even watch. Will I ever learn???

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