• 5 Good Things About Living in Leicester

    In case you thought this was a satirical Tab-esque article, it’s not. I’m sorry. This is a serious article. There almost definitely is a Tab one though so I think if you Google you’ll be able to find a list which includes something about the nicknames of campus buildings.

    1. It’s cheap. It’s so cheap. My friends studying in other places are so jealous. It’s great. Apart from the ones in Wales, where it’s even cheaper. But do you really want to live in Wales?
    2. It contains the only club I actually get excited to go to – Mosh. I mean Birmingham may have streets full of clubs while Leicester has about five, but some in Birmingham won’t let you in unless you’re wearing heels which makes the whole city awful
    3. It’s in the middle of the country so you’ve got easy access to most parts of the country, and most parts of the country are accessible to you. This weekend is the first since I’ve got back that someone hasn’t been visiting me, which has been lovely
    4. It genuinely seems to be the perfect mix of a urban and a small community, a historical and modern city, quiet and exciting, and independent and mainstream
    5. We have a paternoster. If you don’t know what that is, I’m not going to explain it. Just come and find it



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