• Take a Break!

    Posted by Manal in Management on January 31, 2017 I met up with my friends from the foundation course after the longest time over the weekend. We had lunch, watched Sing in the cinema (a brilliantly crafted animated movie that is a must watch if you are an animation movie junkie like me!) and chatted for […]

  • What do students eat??

    Posted by Lucie in Law on January 31, 2017   Students are an exceptional species of human. We have voluntarily left the comfort of home-cooked meals only to find ourselves fighting for survival. We must learn to cook our own meals, and this means more than just pasta, because everyone knows by now that pasta can get really […]

  • Discover Holland (V): Vaals

    Posted by Maria in Study Abroad on January 31, 2017      The new little town that I have added to my list of visited Dutch places is Vaals, also known as Drielandenpunt (“three country point”) in Dutch, Dreiländereck (“three country corner”) in German, or Trois Frontières (“three borders”) in French. This is the town where three different countries […]